Peter Pan, 1953

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Anonymous said: Yay! Oh my gosh, no kidding, I always think about you too! So I just decided to try your url on the off chance that it was still the same, I was so excited!! How have you been? Tell me everything!! P.s Yeah I realise my leaving tumblr was very abrupt, it was a very crazy time to say the least.

Ohmy. Let’s see. I got back from japan not to long ago. Where I got married to the guy I’ve been grossly in love with for the past five years. I’m sure we talked about him a couple times. He’s in the military now so we spend our lives on opposite sides of the world. In about a year we’ll hopefully be moving to California though. Until then I just work and go to school and try not to be sad all the time. Lol. HOW ARE YOU? How has life been? You seem like you’re in a much better place than you were.


Anonymous said: Brittany! Oh my gosh I have missed your lovely face! Not sure if you remember me it's Charlotte my url used to be breaktheirheart and we talked all the time! Hopefully you do, if not.. Awkward haha l

CHARLOTTE! Yes I remember you! I think about you all the time! For real was talking about you to one of my friends not too long ago. I’ve been worried and I didn’t know what happened to you. Baksnsjdjekd. Hi. :D



Looking back, i see the truth in every reason i was ever given to stay alive.

It gets better, really.



Stray from the Path // Mad Girl

scottstots said: Miss youuuuuuu. You're beautiful.

I looooove youuuuu! You’re beautiful.


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